Zolton – Burning


Feat. Jeff Alberts

You whisper
Across my ear
Never felt so real

Simple words
Fill my cup
Coffee burns
As I start to talk
What’s Wrong
You got your hands up

Looking past the love at hand
I think it was a masterpiece
A travesty
Some would say
I did you wrong
But I gave you all I got

Step to close
Think you know
What you want
Hands come up
Can tell your lost
I tried to help
You said I don’t

Damn I really want you
Broke my back
To see you prosper
Now I’m back to square one
I had my fun
With you

I Hope your dreams in sight
Walked Away
Hollow love shined bright
Alone never felt so right
So right
So right

Look to fast
And life will pass ya
Baby I’ve been tryna tell you
Nothing special
Burning Sensation
When you come thru

Burning Sеnsation
When it falls through

Burning sensation
Peacе will come soon

Swept your mess up
The other day
Out the door
You said it wasn’t your thang
Said it wasn’t your thang

Burning sensation uh
On the way you said goodbye
I hope your dreams in sight

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