IntroGTA Guitar Bro

You’re just mad cuz I’ll be able to do something with my fuckin’ guitar hands
That you’ll never be able to achieve in your entire life, kid
So yeah, you’re gay

Verse 1Zivsick

Ay, I’m on the shrooms
I’m addicted now, so pass another few
Doing real shit now, yo ass don’t have a clue
I’m the Kingpin, no Vincent
I don’t miss when I go *click click*
Pull out the chrome, big boy
I’ll leave your bro missing
No home alone, big boy
I’m feeling so wicked
So watch your tone, big boy
I gotta have it, who gon’ stop me from the throne, big boy
See I hop on a G5
And all these bitches be like
“Wе should chill or something”
Baby, I don’t got no free time
Thesе days I got a real life
My paper lookin’ keylime
And I don’t fuck with T.I
Why he gotta be a P.I. for his daughter
Man, I slaughter any beat you give me
Why you want a feature?
Need some gwala ‘fore you offer
Maybe barter if you ain’t got what I charge
And if you thinking that you harder
I might think you got some problems
Dedicate to Mr. Carter
He the reason why I kill this shit
I’m happy to admit this shit
If ain't for inspiration, I would probably quit this shit
Actually, I’m honest, I would probably never start it
Shoutout Peggy, both the Carter’s
Tyler, Yeezy, Kenny, Charli
Flume and Uzi, Lean and Carti
All these artists are a part of me
But I don’t do no copying
It really isn’t hard to see
I’m feeling fuckin’ starving
You can hear it, man, it’s obvious
And I ain’t gonna stop until I own the place that Cory’s in

Verse 2Zivsick

You thought I was done?
Bitch are you dumb?
I’m barely starting
All the fits look like I’m drowning underwater
And I’ll beat a motherfucker if he signing up to Parler
Got a group of people with me that I’m glad to be a part of
Reaching everywhere but now I’m going farther
Gotta prove it to my mother and my father
I’ll be bigger than Madonna
But I wanna still be humble
I don’t eat at Benihana
I don’t wear no Fendi, Prada
Yet I’m making many dollars
I don’t spend it, I don’t wanna
I’ma save it for my partner
And my children, I don’t got em yet
But one day they gon’ all be fed
The cheese will never crumble, ain’t no parmesan
I stack it like lasagna, man
And spread it like it’s margarine
It’s like I’m at a pond the way I’m boutta give out all the bread
But I don’t give a duck
I meant a fuck, I blame the autocorrect
The only things that are correct are probably my politics
And I’ma just be honest, man
One day I’m gon’ be gone but then
Your children gon’ look up to my accomplishments

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