Genre Pop


Feat. Scruff

When will be the time and chance for me to hold your hand?
I think
Fell in love again
I think I fell in love again

Where did you go now?
Simping on you shawty I just want it down town
Baby lemme treat like a queen how it sound
Ima make you say my name and shout it real loud

I just wanna hug you like I love you
And I just want to hold you like Im spose to

I needed you in multiple ways
I'm in love with who dont care what you say
Give a minute, I can't stand it all
Just like my penis you know im standing tall
I feel special cuz you do it all for me
Look back what I gotta do to make you leave
And for real I can't see you anymore
I turn my heart to shits till yo uwould shut the door
Think Im fallin for you baby give somе more
I don’t want you knockin me knockin off the door
Chocolatе and mellow like squishin like smore
Want you in my bed for 4 hours or more
You just lovin nasty
Runnin like a track meet
Sticky like a tacky
My favorite girl exactly

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