Zareuz – Slippin'
Genre Rap


Niggas really think they tough when they ride around the city ima real OG my hands are the pieces i keep with me why these bitches stay talking most their opinions shitty I’m the most hated there’s no love in my own city got them boys chirping we call him lil twitty why u flexing on the gram with that 950 you afraid to pull it out guess you got a shy glizzy she gon give me bop like her parents named her diddy aye over uh lil hoe why you tryna dap me us not my bro we ain’t never been cool and I put that on f.o.e bitch slide cuz you is not gonna ride all up in the studio fucking up my vibe claiming that you GanG you is not in my tribe aye over uh lil bitch if u touch my lilo then you get a stitch Yung Xay had a nigga shook like a bitch bang my line and I come through quick aye stop it with all that talking all that shit talking get you hit in the noggin stupid did you lose your brain cuz on me boi I swear to god that u lame how u like my music but don’t know my name just like max bitch I’m bringing the pain do u copy this is my hobby I’ll call up 5limebaby and he’ll do a nigga sloppy bitch that’s not a Rolex u flexing to hard ima call that a role flex running for this money u would think I do bowflex talking out yo mouth man you must have a bold neck I’m getting new money you chasing that old check swerving in highways i swear that I’m gon wreck aye
Lil boi who is u cuz u tripping keep on flexing on the gram they gon catch you slipping checking off the list for the hearts that I’m ripping fruit punch to yo face if it’s tea that you sipping

Aye listen I ain’t no thug I grew up in the streets where you can get mugged daddy was a gangsta and my momma sold drugs Issa good kid but I kicked it with the thugs youngin with health proble

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