What We On! lyrics

by Zac, Zac1
feat. Mxrcy


Hollow Hearts

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June 16, 2023

What We On! lyrics

Verse 1 - Zac
What we on
Sipping on that Wock, until that mother fucker gone
And I do not like your face, just the way you take it off
Listen to the bass, way we blow them speakers up
You made a mistake, when you told me you in love
But baby that is okay, give me top then drop you off
Leaving from the bank, with two million in the car
He said he want smoke, we came in and said what is up
Let that chopper blow, we came in with thirty blicks
Run my money up, girl I am a fan of my bricks
Turning on the cam, do anything for some clicks
Love it when you shake that ass, do anything for this dick
Yeah, they asking what we on
We on upper echelon
Making our way to the top
Love it when she take it off
And I ain't a liar
But shawty she bad, yeah she got an ass, she got a desire
Yeah, the upper echelon
On floor seven sixty three
Yeah now if you want the smoke
You can come and speak to me
Girl I know just what you love
You love to be off a bean
Yeah you do not want no shots
You want to smoke on that green
Yeah now you do not want no brokie
You in love with me

Verse 2 - Mxrcy
Pull up in that vet, yeah
I am in that Z six
Lightning McQueen, G Star the jeans
On my G shit
G to the B, I am sipping lean like I need it
Demons they around me, I cannot see
No, I cannot see shit
Yeah, I need your love, I need your love
Yeah, I wanna fuck, I wanna fuck, I wanna fuck
Off this Perc, got me moving slow, like I am dreaming
You so perfect, so perfect for me, think I am dreaming
Pull up in an M six, pull up in a Lexus
I never really had shit, that is why I love flexing
Heard that boy talking shit, come and test it
But you know I keep a stick, yeah
Even when I am resting
And you know your bitch, she be chilling on my bed
Giving all that neck, make her speak French
If she from Quebec, like, like
Wait, wait, Huh
Wait, wait

Zac, Zac1 – What We On!

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