Yvngron – Gang4l
Genre Rap


Yeah, number nine on the pants
I'm finna sock a nigga like a stance
Lil shawty wanna fuck told her bring her friend
I'm getting the gwuap and I'm getting the
Bands, feel like Lil tecca I did it, again, hop out the plane is you ready to land? Don't fuck with niggas I keep it a band


You wanna shoot? Come and spin again
That nigga ain't come so we change the plan
That nigga talk down on my gang we come to your state like nigga yeah, we did again yeah, we jump out the car shooting at your mans
You talking down? We leave you where you stand
If you talking down on my gang we fly to your state
Take your trap and we ain't playing

Verse 2groc6Voe

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