Yung Money Mesc – All I Need
Genre R&B

All I Need

Verse 1:
He pulls up to the parking lot, low self esteem, no confidence
He wants to make some friends because he’s socially incompetent
Had homies in the past that cut him off and broke his trust
And now he’s hoping no one kicks his ass and leaves him in the dust
He’s kinda shy, no one really thinks he’s hip
He’ll probably never live the good life, never have friends or fuck a bitch
Now he’s thinking about the end, hе got no reasons left to stay
But then hе sees a girl standing just a couple feet away

Before chorus:
He’s standing there expressionless, heart don’t got much life in it
If you see his back, it’s all stab wounds cause people like to stick knives in it
Today’s another failure and now he’s wishing he was dead
But as he starts to walk away the girl takes his hand and says:

I see you’re happy never, and I’m always feeling down, that’s the usual
We’re in this shit together, we can turn our lives around and make em beautiful
If you gimme all you got until you’re gone, Imma love you with all of me
I’m barely hanging on, but your hand is all I got and that’s all I need. [Yeah that’s all I need]

Verse 2:
She pulls up to the parking lot, just tryna get away
She’s always hurting, feeling worthless almost every single day
Friends were fake, them hoes were snakes, left her side and slammed the door
They called her names, man all the shaming had her thinking she’s a whore
On top of that, she still functions like a mess
Having flashbacks to the fuck shit that she dealt with from her ex
Knows her future’s looking bad, running out of reasons she should stay
But then she sees a boy that’s looking sad, not standing far away
Before chorus:
She’s standing there emotionless, heart don’t got much life in it
If you see her back, it’s all stab wounds, cause everybody stuck knives in it
She knows he needs a friend, takes his hand, she don’t want him dead
Says she’ll love him till the end, then he hugged her and he said:

With your hand holding mine, we’re about to face the world, baby me and you
Ain’t nothin dims my shine, so much doubt and so much hurt, girl you’ll see me through
Darkness comes from light, girl you’re more than just a groupie, yeah you’re all of me
I finally found some love, fuck the drinking and the drugs, girl you’re all I need. [All I need]

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