Yung Kidd – Too High
Genre Rap

Too High

Niggas typing on the net until we tie em up
Dead niggas in my blunt it got me high as fuck
Skating thru the city with my blicky ion give a fuck
And every nigga on my head until we line em up

Dirty, checking cheese we got all the pros
Last nigga caught me loafing he ain’t even score
The last nigga that we-
He ain’t even know
Leave that nigga with the fishes we got all the poles

G23 loaded up where them slugs at
I den lost a lot of dawgs where the thugs at
Catch a drop and catch me posted where the dubs at
Niggas hatin on the gang where the love at

Yung nigga Ian never had no big homie
Blind man with this 40 keep a stick on me
Bankroll niggas know I keep a brick on me
Lilo to them blues I got stitch on me

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