Yung Kidd – Still
Genre Rap


Aye but I be gangin tho
Slapped a fully on the glock the fuck is aimin
And I be hangin round them killas really bangin shit
Give a fuck about yo set cuz you ain’t claimin shit

They put some money on my head but it’s not for sale
I poured some red up in my cup I’m sippin Raphael
All these niggas writing statements I rather go to jail
He was talkin hot shit I sent that boy to hell

Big 40 stick poking been havin poles
Grim Reaper with this chop still snatching souls
Still getting Guap OTeed still stacking pros
All this talking bout this money but you fuckin broke

50 on the chop this bitch did wrong to many men
Slidin thru the jects if you ain’t gang then you ain’t getting in
Wanna fuck with us but nigga you ain’t put a penny in
All this tweeting out my name you really mеan it better have it pinnеd

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