Yung Buttpiss – Shame Dawson
Genre Rap

Shame Dawson

Feat. Bela Delgado

IntroYung Buttpiss

I know I already made a song about Shane
But fuck it, it's time
With a special guest!

Verse 1Bela Delgado

Sometimes I think of myself
And I start to feel bad
But then I take a deep breath and I remember
Shane Dawson fucked his cat
He put his penis near a feline's ass
And then proceeded to stroke his shaft
Then shot his semen onto his
Can you imagine being that cat?
What a horrific thing to experience
I've done voodoo and witchcraft
Cheated on a dude with his dad
I stole from a gift bag for poor children
In fact, I drove my car and crashеd
Straight into a swim class
And killed like five pеople
Then fled from the scene
Oh, I'm still banned from SeaWorld
'Cause I fucked a flamingo
And that may be awful
Tasteless, unlawful
But even after all that
At least I didn't fuck my cat

Verse 2Yung Buttpiss

Oh, Shane
He should feel ashamed
For fucking a feline
Ate that pussy out to dine
Ate pussy for the first time

OutroYung Buttpiss

I am sorry to inform you
That we could not finish Mr. Buttpiss' verse
For he has died of diabetes
The song is ending early
Go fuck yourselves

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