Wawaweewa Yung Bambi

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May 30, 2023

Wawaweewa lyrics

When Im in the crib i count my bands
A lot of these mans be fans
Round of applause I clap my hands
And I cheer on my mans

I move forward you stuck in the past
Down bad on you ass
Niggas still out here peddling grams
Me and my mans still stacking em bands

They talking shit but dont know who I am
Old ass niggas like uncle sam
I feel like kendrick not giving a DAMN
Your life a game, mine a master plan

Check my phone no instagram
Open up that [SHh] teleggram
I feel jus borat
Chase that hoe like pamela anderson

I ain't been on drugs lately
I jus been inside my head
Ain't got no bitch I call my baby
I dont want hoes in my bed
I know that my old bitch hate
Know she prolly want me dead
I hope my nеw bitch not crazy
That shit do too much to my head

Lost a couple homies latеly
Had to lay they head to rest
Now I dont feel like DJ khaled
But you know that we the best

Replace the adderal with salad
Hod to it for the best
Listen to this bambi ballad
Pay attention to what I say:

If yo gang dont work with you
Then you better jus leave dem mans
All my niggas blacked out and we masked up
ISIS Taliban

Your bitch out here acting shiesty
Prolly fucking other mans
And if the FIB indite me
Jus know I hit the race and ran

I had to fuck yo bitch
Cause she come round me acing like a fan
No that bitch dont love me, jus love to fuck me
Jus sit there and judge my past
Life sometimes the perfect teacher
She jus meet ya after class
Mother Nature, perfect teacher
But she love to [B]eat my ass

Girl you know I got the answers
All you got to do is ask
Know I like my bitches smart
Call dem hoes my lil almanacs

Wake up in the morning, run 3 miles
And drink my coffee black
Remember when I used to pop the addy
That shit made me fast

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