Stargazer Yung Bambi

Stargazer lyrics

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July 29, 2022

Stargazer lyrics

Geeked on molly
Im geeked on lean
Pop that molly girl
Pop them beans

Poppin the bottles no green wen we show out

Down on her ass
She want no new friends
She just wanna find herself

Feeling like there nothing left
But she ain’t even try her best
New niggas in her phone again
But she don’t even got time for them

She wanna be a millionaire
But shawty this no phone a friend

Percs fill pain with passion ,I’m too active
I can’t stop n stare
Feel like Marilyn Manson in this mansion
It’s a love affair
We the main attraction, yo bitch active
When she walk in here
Know my active when they walk in
Drop the load in here

She a Stargazer turnt into a heartbreaker

Adderall bitch I geek
Yeah she a freak, It don’t mean shit to me

Nah I don’t lose my focus
Bitch it’s over ,You don’t mean shit to me

Can’t lose my composure
But when I’m too sober it get the best of me

Know I love that bitch
But she don’t even get the best of me