Better Half lyrics

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March 11, 2022

Better Half lyrics

When she walk in the room
Know she make it go crazy
When she hold my K
Rock that shit like my baby

We gone off that molly and that roxy
We too faded
Can’t fuck with these hoes
Cause these hoes overrated

Told that bitch go zoom
When she walk out the room
She like, know how I do
Look at her move, she like

Showing out for me but not for you alright
Skiing out the Key, yeah we go all nignt

I don’t pray for better
I’m just with my better half
JK I been riding solo do
These hoes hit mе back

I just pop a Percy on my tongue
And then I throw it back
I lovе doing Percy’s with my bitch
Cause that’s my better half

Aye girl what it feel like
Wanna pop another 1?
Oh girl let’s chill right ?
Nah fuck it, another 1

That bitch my dawg
Yeah she my lil baby
We pop these pills and we get a lil crazy