yuke – run it up
Genre Rap

​run it up


I'm with you know that we posted up
Pull up on me you finna get

I'm with making that bag

Feel like I'm Soulja, 'cause I'm finna crank


All these niggas hiding, they gon' see me
Pull up at the spot while they watchin' TV [Plugg
That nigga a dummy, he act like a re-re
He think she in love, but she want my
He think he gon' beat me
gon' pop out like it's mo'fucking 3D
We can't be friends, I don't want no treaty
Don't fuck with him, don't fuck with the enemy
Smokin' on sauce and you smokin' on shit
That boy talkin' hot, now he talk

I got the bitches I feel like a pimp


[Yuh, ayy] I got your bitch and she suck on the tip
I got a Glock and it came with a clip
Shots to your dome if you fuck with my chips
Feel like it's jug how I walk with a limp
Feel like I'm Ways 'cause the lean give a -
And you know I make money, that shit off the rip
Double my cup, yeah, this wock what I sip

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