YsRen x Charcole_sama – YsSama
Genre Rap


Verse 1YsRen

She said that i’m a womanizer baby come and find out
We can fuck but keep it on the low nobody finds out
Worried bout ya parents i don’t care just cut lights out
Love the way she feel against my skin it make the right sound
Back into building cause i need to put some lights out
Blowin up my phone talkin bout she need it right now
Shut the fuck up bitch im on a mission keep it quiet now
Na yk im playin ion tell a bitch bout what i do
Heard he got fucked up they come n askin me like what’d i do
I’m a thousands baby but i’m pullin milfs from 92
Man these hoes ain’t shit to me they underneath my yeezy boot
Literally they under me i make these bitches tie my shoes

Verse 2Charcole_sama

Treat yo wifey like it's bop it
On my own don't need accomplice
Gotta look inside my brain to really see what I've accomplished
You's a rapper imma artist
Hate police so I can't cuff her
Pussy tynna beef inside da school cuz folk stepped on his brudda
Getting pesos wit my negro we not worried bout no Otha
Steady claiming he affiliated never blew no cutta
Chiefin alien on Jupiter left yo lil hoe on
Imma simple man juss give me hoe watch one piece big butt
If i pull up wit my niggas 2 ya function Issa club
3 6 M da way my gang so we fuckd da club up
White supremacist my aim reason why We keep it tucked
Hate u niggas tripple K da only Klanman with some waves
If i call dat ho my bae, bet her ass will slime you up
Shoutout von, bro got hit still ready to blow a nigga down

Verse 3YsRen

Bitch in from the underground
Ridin uzis thru yo towna
Only fuck dat ho one time tell her look at me now
Let me get my story straight
First off i don’t fuck with y’all
Middle fingers to the law
Free all of my fuckin dawgs
We know yous a pussy boy
You don’t wanna get involved
While you all In yo feelin im all in her fuckin draws
Everybody go thru pain
Everybody go thru sum
Everybody got a killa
Everybody got a drum
Okay yous a basic bitch
That’s why i don’t fuck with y’all
All y’all do the same shit
You will never be a boss
Okay i’m a top shotta
Pussy you a No caller
That mean you a nobody
I dont fuck with nobody
I jus fucked a snow bunny
She jus want sum coke from me
Told her pour a 4 for me
She make all my dough for me

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