YourLostBoys – AIBA SKIT
Genre R&B Rap, Rap


AIBA SKIT lyrics

Aiba: Are you lost?

Brandon: I don’t know I might be just thinking

Aiba: Oh I see, would you like me to find a happy memory for you? Your vitals read 90% unsatisfied. Can I make you feel better?

Brandon: I mean every day just blends in with the last day feels like I’m running in circles you know
I just don’t know what to do anymore

Aiba: Well, I just want to see you happy I do believe by revisiting those moments you can do just that, do it for me?
Brandon: If you think that’s best Aiba all right

Aiba: Great, I’ll start collecting your thoughts
Hmm does past trauma sounds good to you?

Brandon: Sounds good

Aiba: Sayless
I’m finalizing a few distant memories
Initiating memories and 3, 2 ……

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