[I love the fact that you think that I’m nice
When you don’t even know me
You just tell me I’m nice for no reason
Just hop right in my DM‘s but
Let me tell you something
It’s really important so listen up
I got some news for you]

I hate your kind
Why don’t you all just die
The fucking thought make me smile
I’ve been feeling dead for a while
Come and join me in the ground
Fuck you all
Your breath is an insult
Your touch is so sinful
Life is hard but death is so simple
Just catch this axe through your damn skull

Let the fucking blade hit the face and thе gut
I just wanna play with the spray of the blood
Let thе fucking grave dig your way to the rot
Introduce you to a place that you prayed you forgot
Stomp your fucking head in break the bones in your jaw
Split you into pieces with a nasty ass saw
Drive you over with a truck give a fuck like a slut
Don’t ask for a collab you can suck on my cock
Why the fuck would I care when I don’t care about shit
I hate my fucking life and this stupid ass music
I don’t wanna do it anymore Imma lose it
I don’t care about fame I don’t care about money
I don’t care if I stay I don’t care if I go
I just wanna be a dick cuz you’re a fucking asshole
You’re fucked little bitch but I guess that’s what you want
Get somebody torched and faded
I don’t wanna play games
I just wanna see your brains on the fucking pavement
Fallen garbage taint the earth with my carnage
Get some fucking help I can’t help myself
I wanna kill everyone in this fucking place
You’re gon get erased
If there’s nothing you can change it’s my fucking hate
Anger is my fucking faith

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