YoungStarBrazy – Halloween
Genre Rap



Giva fuck about these bitches


Giva fuck about these hoes


Let you push me to my limits


Let you take me out my zone

These bitches think you need em
That’s a no no

I’m not these other niggas
I can’t go go

Aye I
Won’t give you all control no
Put ya kids in the middle
That’s a low blow


I don’t care about it

Stop talkin bitch
I don’t wanna hear about it

Get ya bother
Ima air it out em

Get ya uncle
Ima paralyze em

Verse 1

Sneakin up on yo back porch lil bitch
Like it’s Halloween

All my niggas they ride with me
Loyal niggas they follow me
If I find out one of dem niggas snakes
Ima hollow him
Pop a pussy just like a bean
Up the pistol right to his spleen

Bitches thinkin that I’m cappin
Ima show

Niggas thinkin that I’m lackin
Ima go

I ain’t wit da yappin
Let it blow

You can’t get my Ora you can’t jack me
Let it go

Ima monster

& tonight I’ll show you

Ima goblin

I only got ghouls

On my roster
If we pull up it’s gone be

A problem
Verse 2
Man I’m from the part of Ohio
It get scary

Witches castin spells
Put in formulas for marriage

This ain’t Cinderella
Give a fuck about yo carriage

Ain’t no happy endings pussy
This ain’t Tyler perry

Draco leave buried

Now you floatin w the fairies

Niggas bussin rugers
Louie gucci my mudula

Got sum ounces in the cooler
Juggin feti juggin jerry

Extendo long as a ruler
Get the fuck up out my arey


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