Youngrizzze – Lullaby/Wake Up Call
Genre Rap

Lullaby/Wake Up Call

Song#1: Lullaby/Wake Up Call

Hevel pe of them tinokos
Kept me up so I can’t sleep
Now I’m spitting out the lyrics
Rather than just counting sheep

Sure, this is kol isha
Can’t be koivesh my nevuah
Might be given to the shoitim
You got one kav - I got tisha
This just dibbur, I’m not singing
Putting thoughts to a beat
It’s my deios they so kalos
Crockpot can’t take my heat
Chaleshing for me to FLOP
Like mechutanim of the kallah
But I’m dropping my tochacha
Like Yeshaya, nor nekeiva
Hertz tzie:

Used to be
It’s shver tzu zain a yied
Cause it was hard to feed
Your family
But now it’s all geshmak
Baruch Hashem

Cause the foodiеs are mehadrin
And the siyum’s in a stadium
And your pеsach’s at the Waldorf
And your lacefront, it's so natural
And you got some yelled pelleh
Singing tniyeleh - nu, meileh
On the dais at the dinner
When you’re parents of the year
[Don’t worry - we'll keep it modest
Vaib’s not on the poster here
Baruch HaShem

Your shabbos spread has got more dips
Than a shmorg at a simcha
Fly a jet to yarchei kallah
Business lounge for the mincha
And you got a great picture
Of your own gedoilim bracha
[Don't worry, I am just posing
Not mekabel their tochacha
Baruch Hashem

And your eidem got a shtelle
And your dirah is at Shneller
And you're bringing your chaveirim
It's all heimishe hechsheirim
Sushi bar at the seudah
Kallah noah vachasuda
Baruch HaShem

You’ll need hachnosas kalleh
For a bailout from these tzures
It’s mamesh nisht poshut
But you gotta pay the puretz
Without chossen zaiger bling
And with nothing but a ring
Maikech to’es - lo aleini
Bayis neeman, real designer
Your credit card is wrecked
And you're losing all the intrest
'least your shabbos table’s decked
Out like tablescapes from pintrest
Baruch HaShem

Now your kinderlach high fashion
And of course, they are all matching
Like a Charidy gvir
It’s all naches ohn a shir
Doiros yesharim mevorachim
In a Bugaboo
Nu nu...
Now the tuition bill is here

Look, I love you all like sisters
And a yied kan have hanoah
But the fun stopped right about
When we went killing our neshoma
When the stress levels fly
Without knowing just why
It’s no longer kedai
Ay ay

We epes begging
For moshiach
To get us out of this mess
But if we don’t work the achdus
Won’t be getting a ness
It’s all tumas MAGA
But still we expect yeshies
And the left’s not any better
They all gaive and negies
I know - there's so much chessed
And our gmachim - they so blessed
While you're spending shadchonus
You're forgetting the almonos
Got more people on the margins
Than he'aros in old sfarim
Wake up

Now I can imagine
That you wanted some chizzuk
But we’re going insane
Fast train like a dibbuk
Let’s get out at this station
I got no inspiration
Gotta speak the truth
I got no consolation
Got no machsom lefi
[Sorry, it’s not my hour.
It stinks, but I’ll do it
Like nine teig without shower
Cause I am on a roll
And I don’t mean mezoines
We drank that kool aid
Like it was arba koises
But put your head in the sand
Keep relying on moisdes

Wake Up
Drop the shtus
Let’s cancel this golus
If we can get together
Nobody can stop us

But if you don’t like musser
You can always ignore it
You can go back to sleep
If you think you can’t klohr it
Can’t deliver inspiration
In a one-minute passage

So I apologize:
*Noted mechanchos don't endorse this message.*

I hope you chose to listen
And I kinda made you worry
If you want a feel good message
Go to Charlie Harari...
I’m sorry

Wake up!

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