YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Ryder
Genre Rap


Cut that off, shorty hold up he deadly
You shouldn't play wit' em like that
Playboy on this bitch, but he ain't play though

You present me to your momma like a bad person
Like you don't know a nigga hurtin' and all this shit ain't certain
Like you ain't know we out here surfin', niggas out to murk me
That's just a bitch, she ain't shit, I had to meet in person
Slow down YoungBoy, she might tell the business for the opps
The original Don Dada, who want problems with the opps
I be the first to approach the door with that choppa once he knock
These niggas tryna take my spot these pussies run into that Glock
You can tell whoever that you want, I won't stop
They can't control mе, demons and reapers on mе
These niggas never fold me, we up and let it pop
Motherfuck your mammy, she don't concern with Lil Top
Yeah, I been out my top, thuggin' out the bottle
YoungBoy ain't got no mind, been like that since a todler

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