YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Investments
Genre Rap



I do that, mm-yeah
[Dubba-AA flexin'
Oh, go


Livin' wild, we came up from slangin' iron
It’s yo' smile and it get me every time
Caught up in that twilight, huh
Feelings on horizon, baby I don’t need no stoppage
[This is the sound
I done caused you so much pain
And you not the one to blame
I invested in them things, yeah
Fuck that money, you my main, yeah
Drug dealin' on the iPhone, juggin' hard got my mind gone
Twilight, not a Scorpio, flood my neck with Rhinestones
All night, we gon' get it on, through the cut, ain’t movin' wrong
Before we fuck, cut a movie on
Feelings never stood a nigga wrong, I don’t ever wanna be alonе
Heroine, I’ma shoot that, Activist actions, I do that
Condo close whеre I moved at
Paranormal call, fearless in the dark
Aggressive, like a dog, money, take it off

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