Young Slo-Be – Rock Out
Genre Rap

Rock Out


Heard you got that chop, boy, come pick me up, nigga
If you got that nigga up
Ride around with it, lil' nigga, ain't no tuck, nigga
but you still wanna get touched, nigga
Bad bitch on me, ayy, ayy, eatin' nut, nigga

Ayy, rock out, lil' bitch, you a trap star
Last skit was a movie, nigga, that part
When somebody got shot, they tell
You niggas was cappin' then
Now tempers turning, you niggas still ain't step on shit
Ooh-wee, what's that smell, did I step on shit?
Bitch so attached 'cause she found out my government
I was thuggin' in Southeast, where was you then?

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