Young Nudy – Bitch Boy
Genre Rap

Bitch Boy

Bitch Boy lyrics


Bitch Boy, Bitch Boy
Got ?? In the stick boy, stick boy
Get yo punk ass flip boy, flip boy
Bitch boy

Verse 1

I ain’t buy these cameras for no smoke I bought these cameras for 12
You know I’m selling reefah nigga, I’m robbed out my scale
He jammed up we gon’ wet the pussy soon as he made bail
Caught him down bad at the shell
Gas station pump 12, gave his ass 12
I don’t need no seatbelt, I’m a crash dummy
My pockets schizophrenic, I got mad money
Choppa turn him Usain bolt and now his ass running
Oh you mad huh, you think you a man with that punk ass handgun
?? choppas round me pussy ready to blam somethin’
Whole lotta stripes on 21 gang lil nigga I stand for somthin’
So many drums pulled up lil nigga thought we was in a band or somethin’
??? 762
Fox 5, Channel 2 News
All my niggas wild, loose screw
Hit you in yo head, watch it ooze
Mac 90 knock you out yo shoes
Nigga, you a rappеr not a goon
I wish they would’ve caught him in the booth
Shoot up all his spots and makе him move
Oh you want all the smoke, huh
That’s whatcha said
Shooting at his folks, huh
That pussy scared
He with a bitch, he outside, him and his friend
We spin broad day, grave shift we spinnin’ again
Announcing smoke on instagram that’s police shit
Got the ??? the whole block but I ??? It
I’m a real street nigga, better watch yo lips
For this rap nigga, on my momma I’m tryna talk me some shit
Choppers, choppers
We shoot nothin’ but choppers, choppers
You better call the coppers, coppers
We pulling’ up with choppers, choppers
No blueface I bop her, bop her
The ??? mopped him, mopped him
He need a morgue not a doctor, doctor
I heard they hit him with the chopper, chopper

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