Young LoneStar – Skeeming
Genre Rap



And late at night I hear my demons they up scheming
Think I ain't hitting 21, everybody creeping
It ain't my fault I love this rap shit so much I'm fiending
They wanna crush all my pride until I stop breathing
Still out here slaving for jobs and I go hard for the dough
With all this weight on my shoulders it be so hard for me to float
It's been three years since H.B.M and bitch I'm still Hated By Most
I fell in love with Panini but she ain't wanna see me grow
They hate on me and it's no doubt they just in love with the clout
They only here when I ball but ain't no NBA scouts
It ain't no used to quarantine I spent my life inside the house
They think I'm weird for how I live
It's either this or in the ground

Before chorus

Or maybe I was born a different breed
Why these people hate on me
And shit from what I hear some fam don't really care for me
They say they understand my thoughts
But in they mind don't really think of me
I heard that when a n***a win they want a part in all this history


I keep it peachy like the logo for Georgia
Reminiscing on my life before this shit was never gorgeous
Heart break 'cause bitches stay on that whore shit
And n***as snakes behind my back but be cordial
I be like why these people scheming on me
And why they hating on me
I feel like they waiting on me to loosen up
But I can't let them win ain't giving up
And I feel like the best is yet to come

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