Young LoneStar – Change You
Genre R&B

Change You


Baby ain't tryna change you
I'm just tryna get us to Phase 2
I been feeling you girl I'ma tell you the truth
I'm an OutKast Baby love the way that you move
And the way you pop off like you play for the troops
I don't care 'bout the haters they can get up and move
And I don't care about your ex he can't do what I do
So fuck Lisa, Tammy, and Tesha
Tell them hoes "See ya, I wouldn't wanna be ya"
Babygirl shine bet the stars can't see us
Apple Of My Eye, hypnotized when I see ya
I was down bad baby yea I had to re-up
And you know it goes down every time that we team up
Make you more of a queen than the queen that you came from
And I feel like Trey Songz
"I can make you famous"
Hit it from the front, from the back, different angles
And I knew you fell in love even though I was a stranger


How can I persuade you
Relieve you from all the pain that he gave you
You ain't gotta cry all the time I'ma save you
By the end of the month girl I swear I'll get a break-through
I don't know bout the "Birds And The Bees"
But I got you baby if you got me
Hella fish in the sea it be sharks in the creek
Hella hoes tryna creep I don't hear when they speak
But I do know one thing though
Bitches they come, they go
Friday til Sunday, Monday
Monday til Sunday on
I know that you still nervous we been in this place before
But girl when you say that you ready, come get on this road

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