Young LoneStar – Broken Soul
Genre Rap

Broken Soul

Feat. Youngdexter


See this sound like some
Some other shit like some shit I made before
Yea you already know what it is


They say what happens in the dark will always come to light
So tell me how come my problems is always there
No matter how it's gonna look outside
Tell me why my demons want me dead don't even go outside
I don't speak on nun and don't do shit but I can't stay alive
I was at the window making drinks and serving extra fries
How drama where I'm at
How you think I'm gon' react
Pops is telling mе to settle down but I ain't hearing that
'causе I don't bother them
But come to me with all the funny acts
I don't trust nobody
'cause I seen the real ones turn to rats
Put my pride to the side now they asking for a quarter back
I'm doing my own thing
Don't give a damn if she don't love me back
But since you waste my time
I know that karma gon' be on your ass


I got a broken soul
From bad friends
Lost of family and these stupid hoes
But I keep it all inside that's how life goes
And watch them people come around when I'm life goals

Young Dexter Verse

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