Call Declined lyrics

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May 14, 2020

Call Declined lyrics

{verse 1}
Men in black yeah I’ma pull up in that weird shit stop yeah turn around futuristic yeah she look at it

Bank account so large flying cars I got six of it
Looking cute looking fresh I’ll take your bitch let’s make a bet

Ripping off Victoria draws now she said she got a secret

I don’t want your number you’re a thot you can keep it

I’m a fucking dog that’s the rumor best believe it
If I say I love you
I was lying I don’t mean it

Stop ouu what ?
Thats my fucking stopwatch
Flip the top yeah I’ma Hop in my drop top

{verse 2}
Your man is broke
Let’s make a vote He’s trying to dis
He’s snorting Coke
Cartel demon yeah al calone
Damn I got a syllable

It’s OK yeah pour some more in my cup yay bitch I’m chilling with Kanye
Freestyle shit that’s it yay

Too bad bitch I got options
They be chilling in my mansion

Young choppo – Call Declined

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