Young 5150 – You my girl
Genre R&B

You my girl

[Verse 1
How you gon find
My love my love hide
It’s okay just get high
Hold my hand don’t be traumatize
Don’t be scared it’s alright
I’m right here by your side
Won’t disappear
Not all night
And if I go imma be back
So don’t cry
So don’t cry
Mmm mmm
Don’t cry
Babygirl don’t cry
Verse 2
If I say bye
Well baby I lied
I won’t leave you won’t leave your side
You my girl you I confide
You my type let me get inside
Hold my hand i hold you tight
Won’t let you go won’t go tonight
You my girl and you define a good time
When you read my vibe
Ain’t no valentine you really my valentinе
Everyday girl let me gеt inside
I pray I pray we alright
I pray we won’t break up this time
It’s okay girl read my mind
You know me yea you the one I find
So if I lose you imma have to pay the fine

[Verse 3
In the situation
I can’t do it girl I can’t play ya
This ain’t no PlayStation
I’m here at the train station
I’m here girl I’m waitin
I’m here girl stop playin
I’m here I hold your hand
Come here girl you understand
Ay I put my hand on your neck
Ay ay ay
I choke you a little bit
Ay ay ay
I look you in your eyes
Give you a kiss now you feel the vibe
Imma hold you tight
But it’s Ight
Cause when it’s night time
You gon get loose tonight

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