Young 5150 – Tell me why
Genre Rap

Tell me why

I know you
I know

[Verse 1
Tell me why it gets dark why you stay with me
Tell me why from the start you stay with me
I think you should leave
Im being honest
I know I should stay
You being honest
But I need to go now
Cause I gotta show out
I told my mom
I finally made it
I can not wait til I get famous
So I just made it
Everybody said you make it
You need to make it
Had to fake it til I make it
And now I’m famous
Everybody look at me they so high
Everybody look at me I’m a young guy
Everybody look at me I’m so fly
And I looked up in the sky it’s alright
I looked up in the sky like it’s my time
I’m a young ass nigga in my prime
So I cannot waste time cannot waste minе
Verse 2
Tell mе why it gets dark why you stay with me
Tell me why from the start you stay with me
I know you need to stay
I know I’m sorry
I know I’m gonna stay
It’s time to party
I know yo girl with me
We gotta the Molly
Ay ay ay
And everybody lit
Inside the party
We gonna throw a moshpit
Inside the party
And I got a bad bitch
She like a Barbie
Everybody get lit
Inside the party
Bitch I got a gun
With the switch with the beam
Everybody know me
Nigga I’m not that mean
Everybody know it’s me when I walk up to the scene
I got new guns everywhere when you see
When you see me nigga can’t see me
Feel like John cena or Stevie
Got yo girl she with me
We get so high that I can’t breathe
And I can’t see a damn thing
I be so high with this bitch
I can’t even smoke no weed
That shit make me high than a bitch
I be smoking on a cart and the weed in the car
With my nigga cbass you know who we are
Bitch I got two Glocks with me
You know who to start
Get shot in yo head
Bitch don’t get shot in your heart

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