You Are – One of Two
Genre Pop

You Are

Chalk mark territories
Rum and coke, and bullshit stories
Tachyon and positronic brains
Drunken gloom and light fantastic
Beach fires and melting plastic
You and me like trees with growing pains
You are witchcraft, you are uncertainty
You're the dead ends of the maze

True love and work on weeknights
Affection like blinking lights
Worn labels upside down, like new
Angry smiles and happy tears
Woven strings of weekend beers
Growing up, moving on, just me and you
You are morning, you are nature
You're the pages of my book

A crash in the distance. The smell of lеthal gas
The acrid stench of differеnce, and ideals we can't surpass

Blurry, endless sidewalks
Birth marks and night hawks
Dry dreams and wet, chaotic fights
Fleshy illusion
Lead-coloured transfusion
You and me rolling 'round and holding tight
You are disturbance, you are tranquility
You're the fire on the steppes

Tarnished armour
Winds blowing calmer
Beacon fires, colossus at the gates
Pompeii thunder
Dreams of going under
You and me both running for the bait
You are laughter, you are energy
You're the lightning in the storm

A shortcut to Hades, and a bomb set to kill
A room full of babies, and dreams we can't fulfill
There's two ways to end us. Both are wrong
And no one can find us until we're both gone

You all are sunlight, yeah you're all windfall
You're all there's left to do

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