You Are my sunshine – M.Marie
Genre Pop

You Are my sunshine

Finger picking patterns on the ukulele doesn’t get to be laborious, and you actually don’t get to share so as to induce started!

Today, we’re finger picking the song of You Are My Sunshine on ukulele on only single string – the A-string

Finger picking patterns

So tune up your ukulele, find a comfortable spot, and let’s make some music!

Easy One-String Finger picking “You Are My Sunshine” Play-Along
In this video, Finger picking Patterns “You Are My Sunshine” on – the bottom A-string of the ukulеle

When it involves taking part in this song, you ought to confirm you rеcognize a way to browse guitar tab. The numbers within the guitar tab show you specifically that fret you need to depress along with your fretting hand fingers. For this arrangement, You Are My Sunshine is compete, entirely on the lowest A-string, thus once you see the quantity “4” maybe, meaning to press down on the fourth fret of the A-string. Once you see the quantity “0”, that means to pluck the open A-string

With a small amount of apply, i do know you’ll be able to play this song!

Have a Printout Easy Finger picking You Are My Sunshine

Very shortly I’ll gap up the doors to my finger picking course Finger picking tips wherever I teach you the way to travel from beginner to solo finger picker on ukulele. If you wish to travel deeper within the finger picking vogue, then there’s no higher place to find out the way to finger pick

To be the primary to understand once the course opens and acquire a one-page output signal of the ukulele tab for You Are My Sunshine, enter your data below

Yes! I want the ukulele tab for You Are My Sunshine and want to get on the early-bird wait list for the upcoming finger picking course
Tips and Tricks For Ukulele Finger picking Song You Are My Sunshine

If you’ve ne’er done Finger picking Patterns, then no need to worry about

For this melody, we’re not disquieted concerning prim and correct technique at the instant. We tend to simply need to urge our feet wet and have some fun! That aforesaid, there’re many fast tips and tricks I will provide you with

For the choosing hand, I’m simply victimization my thumb to pluck the notes of the A-string

For the fretting hand, this song plays notes all across the free board, my challenge to you is to undertake to use as several fingers from your fretting hand as potential to form your changes between notes drum sander and quicker. As an example, don’t simply limit yourself to fretting every single note with just the index. attempt fretting one note with the index, but then, perhaps for following note you fret with the finger

Of course it’s okay to slip your fretting hand fingers round the free board to achieve notes, however if you discover it troublesome to swimmingly transition between notes, open up yourself to the concept of victimization different fingers in your fretting hand to achieve and changing between those notes. By doing so, you guarantee you’re ready to transit between notes swimmingly and in sensible time!

How to Learn Finger picking on Ukulele

In the future, I’ll gap enrollment on my coming finger picking course Finger picking Tricks, wherever I teach you ways to travel from basics to skilled solo finger picker

If you’ve invariably needed to be told a way to finger pick your ukulele as a solo instrument, then get on the early-bird wait list by getting into your info below. To not mention, I’ll send you the piece of music and ukulele tab for You Are My Sunshine and a few alternative finger picking lessons shortly

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