YON CASH – Love Be The Same
Genre Rap

Love Be The Same


Yeah, you know that

I'm gonna love you...

I talk to GOD everyday, praying that I’m gonna make it
Opportunity comin' my way, shit I'm gonna take it
Fake it to make it, nah never been on that fake shit, face it

[For real
Waiting for you time to shine, shit you might get blinded
Don’t wait for a reminder, here's a couple of free diamonds
The climate changin', we comin' out of hibernation
The conversation bout who's hot, who's not
Who got the clout, who got it now, who got it figured out
Niggas suckin' too much dick they got the biggest mouths
Oops, shots ringin' out, bring em out [you gotta bring em out]

[what the fuck these niggas thinkin’ bout]

I would say that I love you but I might be lying
And I try to stay grounded nut I might be flying
To try is to fail, to die or in jail, tonight I prevail
But I get slime as a snail

[Why it smell like cigarettes]

Lets have a heart to heart, walk with me, go and park the car
Spark cigars, blowing smoke up towards the furthest stars
Our Father, Your God, Oh Lord, Jesus Christ
Food for thought faithfully free the feeble mind, can’t cheat the price
Money, pussy is power, respect those are the keys to life
If love is blind we teaching how to increase your sight
Feast your eyes
Realize your net worth is your network
Ride your wave, learn how to web surf
Become an expert
Effort is just to try and to try is just to fail
So I shall prevail until I'm dead or in jail
Only time can tell
Heaven or Hell?
Well I already felt the burning flames
One thing for certain, after that furnace came shit I deserve the fame
No pain, no gain, no guts all glory
I ain’t ashamed to share my story, I'll tell it all baby don't you worry
Their vision blurry in other words let the hatin' start
Cause we in the Club, sippin’ Spades, Diamonds breakin' Hearts

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