YN Jay – Biggest Fan
Genre Rap

Biggest Fan


[Yeah, Baby, you did this one
Yeah, okay
What we doin'?
Oh, that's alright
That's what we doin'?
[Yeah, Baby, you did this one]


How the fuck is you gon solve the puzzle? I'm the missing piece
You don't want to touch me when I'm mad, I'm a vicious beast
How the fuck you pull up with no gun? That's a missin' heat
I just hit a nigga with a drop, that's a missin'
Beat her, now she walkin' with some loose legs, she got chicken feet
Whip it, then it came back all white like a kitchen sink
Ooh, you gon do it like that? Okay, let me switch it up real quick [Ahhh!
I'll turn into a monster in this bitch, I'm a wildebeest
I'll take your gun off your hip, you can't feel your heat
How the fuck you thick with no ass? I can't feel no cheeks
Bitch suck my dick like she old, I can't feel no teeth
You ain't see me all around the world, but I'm still on
These niggas really out here cops, you the real police
I'll chop your fuckin' fingers off, better not steal from me
Ran off on the plug now you scared, you the real Smokey
How the fuck this bitch don't drink liquor, but she still smoke weed?
You got kicked out your momma crib, you the real Jody
Damn, you got put out your momma crib?
Why the fuck you livin' with your momma? You a grown ass man
How you don't know how to stack no money? You ain't got no bands
How you wanna make it to the top, but you ain't got no plan?
I done brought the blower in this bitch, but I ain't got no fan
Fuck! I love Coochie Man music, but I'm not no fan
Everything he say funny as fuck, it just make me laugh
Why the fuck you turn Coochie Man down? You just made me mad
How the fuck you play Coochie Man music? You ain't get no ass
Damn, you must be a fag
I don't know, I don't think his music that good man
Every time I let you play some music, you be playin' trash
My turn, you just, Oh, Fuck! You just made me crash
Fuck, man, you always doin' somethin' man
That's why I don't like hanging with your ass man
Every time you listen to Coochie Man music man
You do it every time, man

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