Fuck em all unreleased lyrics

by Yeat

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May 28, 2023

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Fuck em all unreleased lyrics

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... everyone involved
Fuck the jakes, fuck the 12, fuck the law
Middle finger, fuck the world, fuck 'em all
Brand new rollie, water park, wet and wild
But I got money on me bitch but I been doin' this shit for a while I been-

They say they can do this shit like us but I don't see nun
They sayin a whole lotta lies every song yea don't mean nun
My gas, it don't matter
Boy you broke, why you madder
New bitch, ass fatter
You a bitch, don't matter
Yeah the exy is not ya friend yeah
Suck my dick and, do it again
No that bitch is not yo mami

Yeat – Fuck em all unreleased

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