Year of the Knife – Dust to Dust
Genre Rock

Dust to Dust

Spread your hate, share your pain
Undeserving victims of fate
You'll deny, place the blame
All part of your vile game

Fuck your past, fuck you too
Burning those who care for you
Shoving salt in the wound
Never healing the abuse

It's up to you to decide
Break the cycle and survive
Or let your blood boil and rust
And return dust to dust

Toxic touch, noxious mind
Corroded everything inside
You could change if you tried
But you'd rather stay buried alive

I won't hear your excuse
Look at what you put us through
Never lеarned, never mind
Existing out of fucking spitе

So let your blood boil and rust
Now return dust to dust
From the dirt you emerged
Back to Hell you submerge
All alone in pits of shame
Only have yourself to blame

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