YCK – Numb
Genre Rap


You make my heart spin sorrow into silk

Fuck being sad I can relate to that
All the drawn out emotions that you have
And ask why I’m alive for this life I never asked
What’s the reason gotta meet all your wants and demands

Going to sleep heartbroken evoke distress
Try to keep down the things I won’t address
Swept to the rug deprecation’s the drug
When you seem so worthless join the club
Three’s a charm I strike out drive drunk
I’ll be taking the risk imma go die young
Old age ain’t a thing I won’t be senile
Gotta live in the now passеd out meanwhile

Standing high when I abusе prescriptions
Can’t put my finger on what’s been missing
I’m a hollow vessel and a ruined person
Think it’s only dying that could stop this hurting

You make my heart spin sorrow into silk

Each time I wake it’s such a slump
And I inject this poison to get me numb
I can’t feel the rejection or second guessing
Imma fill myself with the pills I’m pressing

They’d assume I’m happy I play the part
The one thing I got is me making art
Need a way so I’d end the pain
But too many listen now what I say

Made a difference and imprint on em
My name in the paper obit column
No cause of death it ain’t rocket science
They hear the screaming from all the sirens
Don’t revive and resuscitate me
It’s best I go I’ve been thinking lately
If a hell is on the other side
Well then I’ll meet ya there but at another time

You make my heart spin sorrow into silk

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