YBD Tsunami – Hard Knock Love Song
Genre Rap

Hard Knock Love Song


2 am in the Camaro, in the drive thru
Hope the cops don’t know I got a curfew
Lately I don’t know who to turn to
Feel like I’m the only one that knows how to come through
Like what they really know about real love?
My man cheated three different girls last month
Make me look to the Lord above
And say “Why do people act this way? That’s messed up!”

Now I’m cruising down the highway
Thinking, what if the world just did it my way?
Like I could fix your relationship in a snap
But I ain’t tryna be cocky like that
Cuz only God heals like that
But its rarely ever revealed like that
And I don’t know how to feel anymore
Cuz no one’s ever real anymore


Then last night I had a dream that my ex love came up to me
And said “JC, I did you wrong”
“You were the one for me all along”
She said “How could we have had a stronger bond?”
“And could we figure out what we both did wrong?”
Those answers have been in me all along
So when I woke up, I wrote this song
And said


Love is not affection
Love is not the feeling of physical satisfaction
Love is not seeing
Love is not needing
Love is not the doubt in your mind that I might be cheating

Love is a choice
Love is a promise
Love is precious, but you don’t need to flaunt it
Love is a miracle
Love is a blessing
Whatever you call it, it’s undeniably God-sent

Love is a commitment
No matter the distance
Love is the faith that you’re gonna see me again
Love is not lust
Though it is a pleasure
Love is the burning passion within
Only works if we both do our part
One man and future wife
‘Til death do us part
And we still got more life
It’s real

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