Yavid – Smokin' 80's
Genre Rap

Smokin' 80's

Gun bumpin in your projects ya heard of me bitch
Oh thats your OG that pussy tried to murder me bitch

Gun bumpin the jects I put that stick on that pussy
30 hangin out the Glock empty that dick on that pussy
I ain't got it on me put my knife in that boi
Cuttin heroin all on the counter drag my knife on that boi
I ain't got 25 lighters on my dresser
I got 25 testers and that big ass on Vanessa
And im hittin from the side like serena williams
Tennis chain and two racks like she got Venus w her
Im from the belly boi
You seen that belly movie
Thats a children’s movie
I come from helly boi
Them boiz got hеlla uzis
And them dont shoot movies
You go go ask my chopper put my hands around hеr waist and I squeeze her little ass to death
And the barrel burnt my dick when I let 40 off and I tried to stuff it in my pants
And I couldn’t hot no hoez for a week after that cuz they thinkin I was fuckin on em
So if you wanna
When you wanna
Do you wanna
Lose your honor
True im gunna I be busting onem

Gun bumping in the projects
Sipin hi teck
Needles in necks
Ain't no haystacks
Im like who next
Im like mike vick
If a bitch blitz that bitch get 6
Swing the Tommy gun across his Hilfiger
In his stomach yeah I gave that boi a tummy tuck
They called him Touchdown in the hood now he just Chuck
And he preach off in the church about his good luck
Truth is I missed him should I still gunem down?
Or is god tellin me to leave his mans alone ?
I’m at the table of the gods and I’m polickin
I speak with prayers not to men cuz they gossip bitches
This the holy council
You middle man an ounce still
I middle man miracles spiritual warfare
Now we takin egregores, topazs, voodoo ceremonies in Haiti i never see you at em


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