Yavid – Helmet on the shooter
Genre Rap

Helmet on the shooter

I just got the call ol boy is actin foolish
Boi ill be there 20 seconds on the hayabusa
Boi im a mile away you think I can't get to ya
Boi ill be there 20 seconds on the hayabusa
Helmet on the shooter
Do 180 switching lanes lookin for a loser
Helmet on the shooter
With no shirt just a vest and a baby uzi

3 miles a minute and Im one away
Off in broad day his broad gon regret the day
But why he think its cool to say shit around you
I might have to get at you after this is through
But now Im tailin him and Im trailin him
Pull beside him at the light and Im nailin him
Disassembling my gun on the highway
One hand throwing pieces all ovеr the place
Slides, barrеls and springs all over the state
Spring summer and fall you won’t get away
Why you dont stand tall when Im in your face
I guess snakes crawl cuz they ain't got no legs
Pussy chump thought I was a muscle punk
Until I pulled up on him and left him slumped
Then he thought nothin
Im kinda mad he never learned I was not bluffin


10 plus 2 wanna do me in
They wanna put my face on the news again
Boys plotting wanna give me the blues again
They hate me cuz my life is a movie and
I keep ducking an indictment they can't prove its him
And my bitch look white she venezuelan
And I know it ain't right but its the life we live
From here in michigan to isrealian
And I know im gods creation satan babysits
And I can't have no children turn out like this
Most boys you know dont know what an invasion is
Put your applications in and have some admiration then
I know she stay focused she still bite the dick
And at nite I mite activate the activis
He says he dont like me and were not friends
Cuz I always have my dick where his mouths been

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