Gone lyrics

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June 1, 2021

Gone lyrics

Yeah don’t do it
Slit her wrist maybe i’m just acting or i’ll slit her throat (woah, woah) while her bestie watching

Who the fuck is you ? might put her to cook she can’t even cook , maybe i’m just spitting or am I just spinning
Circles of full of bitches getting with me
She can’t get no sleep , shawty popped a xanny now she wants to bleed
Looking like ET looking red as fuck like what the fuck is this ?
Ain’t no stopping now we popping , he don’t want any smoke cause he knows we gon blow
I might put my dick all up on her throat

Dang that’s tuff don’t try to be buff
Now we vibing just like we’re surviving
Do this shit for fun always on the run
Simple words that are coming out , at least i’m out
But I won’t stеp out
But she out , I won’t chase , but i’ll shoot this bitch right in his face
Run my fadе they won’t behave that’s why i fucked your bestie and she don’t even fucking care
That’s why you’re to late , fuck your bitch everyday

But who cares left that bitch in a chair , she won’t show , she to close , I might slit her neck put her in a vent
Now is sus they like cris what you doing , i’m just vibing and i’m thriving
Going to the driveway she belongs to the highways, can’t love a bitch now she leaving me
Like okay you ugly as fuck anyway ,they can’t get away run from la migra like we flying in the air
Now we gone and it’s done , get yo bitch she makes
Me very sick