Xavier Galatis – No Cap
Genre Rap

No Cap

No Cap
I ain't capping this
Look at my Bands
Looks at my wrist
Look at my Zip eating Xans like aspirins
No Cap
I ain't capping this

Came up from the mud
Now designer on my drip
Ice on my wrist Like ice on my wrist
Circle round the block
Purp kush in it
My swag like a Jerk
IPhone work in it
Island spent them bands
Bands on my drip
Fuck how you feel
Talk to my wrist

I am the sun, you is my jitt
Lean in my cup
Syrup I sip

You broke as fuck [what?
Why you mad as shit
No Cap, I ain't capping shit
Pull up on yo block [BOW!
With my stacks n shit $
SODMG Bitch, stacks on deck

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