Xavier Galatis – Cash App DeAndrettii Freestyle
Genre Rap

Cash App DeAndrettii Freestyle

Let's go! [ yeah, xoo, shark bois
Turn up bitch
Xoo gothy
Yeah xoo gothy

[ Verse
Yeah, I keep the cash, fuck a bank [fuck a bank
I woke up sipping drank [sippin drank
20k on my wrist [20k!
Killing these hoes
Lil' goth slide in the vip
Me n mears
Goth slide in the VIP
Me an mears
I be with that O' and a felony
Imma slide through with the bag on it [ imma slide through
Might buy that hoe a bag on it [mhmm yum yum yumm
I'm on codeine Xan pack on me
I do the dash
And them bands in my cash app
Yo' bitch a smash-app

I just woke up
I just broke the bank
Woke up sipping drank
Sipping on fake water
This some Louie dank

All these racks on mе
Ain't go to college
I spend thеse racks in YSL, this ain't a hobby

My bitch geeked up off the molly [ off the molly
N my bitch, love to X and Oxy'

I'm up in the A'
Im out in LA

Why are you so obsessed with me bitch
I be in the trap with a brick on me
Roll it up big look like Pikachu

I don't go outside
I don't fuck with you

All this fucking ice
What the fuck I do
I just wanna flex on my wrist, my bitch on a diet

Xans in my hand now you crying
Xans in my bag now you dieing
Xans on my bitch now I'm flying [flying]

Xans in my bag on a diet [diet
Fuck around with me all day [all day
I'm Just tryna fuck my wrist
Fuck I found my Nina-clips

Fuck around with me all day '
Shark gang in this thang [skerrttt
3 dipset Colorways ways [dipset
Im a plug im a flirt [skerrt
Your a lame
I'm a lame
Switch lanes
Xoo goth shark boys
Dipset birdgang

Xoo xoo xoo

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