Xadvoi – Oath
Genre Pop


I've been acting crazy sometimes I wish that you were dead
No I shouldn't have said that I should've kept it in my head
Why did I let her go? I should've kept her in my bed
Now she won't even call and that shit makes me so upset
I woke up in the morning I came to get all of my stuff
And I left after midnight I'm always staying after dark
Yeah this feels kinda overplayed I might need another spark
It's like nothing ever fucking changed, we're back at the start

I really hope wе got the same goal
Becausе we're stuck under the same home
And if you really wanna leave, go
Just know we're stuck under the same oath
I've been acting crazy yeah everything I see is red
Yeah that shit's got me so tired no I can't take another step
I'm fucking losing it, I don't think you understand
But this the life and I'm choosing it, I don't really give a damn

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