Genre Rap

Long Ass Intro


I can't go to Jail I'll be having withdrawal [nah
Designer bih she look good in the fall
Collecting my feelings I put them in a Jar
I do good business I never runoff [on God
Been running the four like that nigga Melo Ball
Nigga you tried me Ced almost hit you in the jaw
I hop in the studio
I hop on the Mic
And I hop on that pro tools [yeah
And I got that Bluetooth
You is a bitch and we do not know you
Yeah you is a bitch and we got to show you [show you
There is no bitch that I can even go to [go to
My bitch is lazy she only watch Roku
Japanese bitch and she put me on Tofu
And I keep that bih that I got to
Nah, Bih, Yah
I'm stuck at the studio [studio
After this we can see a movie though [movie
You got to have my daughter [daughter
I got a bih she a groupie how [yeah yeah
Nah I can't hit the groupie hoes [groupie hoes
Yeah I still Love all my women though
Yeah we'll kiss under a mistletoe [mistletoe
Yeah my bih got a pistol [uh
Yeah just get me some water
I'll get you them gifts it ain't Christmas though
Lately been feeling unstable
I'm feeling like I ain't even able
Turn on your back Cain and Abel [Yeah
I had to go break the cable
Yeah we trying to go farter
Calculate shit under the table
Nah we try to go harder
I think my bih she unstable
Uh yeah I can't be your father [on God
I walk in that party I seen you was on me
Its me my bih and feeling so lonely
We rolling that weed at night we is smoking

Nah, Bih, Yah I'm stuck at the studio after this we can see a movie though


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