With Me Today – Surging Motion
Genre Rock

With Me Today

I’m walking down these miles of sand
Workin’ on my suntan
Wishin’ I could hold your hand
And spend the time with you

When you left me back at home
I had to go it on my own
Now I’m out here all alone
And there’s no sign of you

I tore myself apart
Givin’ you my heart
But then you threw me away
Now if you could see
Just where you would be
If you were with me today
If you were with me today

The palm trees seem to wave goodbye
But I still can’t get you off my mind
My thoughts are rolling out with the tide
Of what I meant to you

A picture perfect paradise
You could’vе been here by my side
Island timе and moonlit nights
I would have spent with you


I gave you everything you wanted
Everything but what I needed
I gave you my heart
Gave you my heart
But then you threw me away


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