Wildkarduno – Redeye
Genre Rap


Feat. Sluttyxhris


Yeah, yeah

Verse 1Sluttyxhris

I'm with the gang, we sent the shot
Hell nah, nigga, we don't fuck with no opp
We in our own lane gettin guap
We don't fuck wit what you say, nigga you a cop
And I be on my own lane, gettin money
Yeah that nigga broke, he don't got no
I get that money, nigga, so he know wassup
I'm on the block, nigga, send that shop up
I got yo thot, and I brought the rubber
I know you mad, nigga, I'm like ha-ha
I feel like Uno wit the fa fa
Bitch I'm the one, nigga, we gon realize

Verse 2Wildkarduno

Yeah, yeah, ok [5 5 5
We sending them shots, boy yo ass better duck
We got sticks hangin out of thе truck [come on
You try to rob me, boy yo ass outta luck [come on
That bitch think I'm mad, but I don't givе a fuck [yeah, yeah
I go to the block, and the pistol is tucked
So you better not try to try shit
The flash on the Glock make yo ass take a pic
Lil say get the bag and he get it up quick [he get it up quick, come on
And me and lil xhris we gon post with the stick [ok, yeah, come on
I was 15 years old when I hit my first lick [I hit my first lick
And I go with Balenci I can't fuck with rick, yeah
And y'all niggas so pussy it give me a kid, yeah
Fuck that

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