Wildkarduno – No Dissin
Genre Rap

No Dissin


HRRRRR, okay
5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5
Fuck, nigga


Pull up on a fuck nigga block, yeah, we ain't doing no dissin'
I got that 50 round drum, nigga you know I ain't missing
Shots fired, man, that nigga went missing
Stick on me like I'm finna go fishing
Tote a 9, like we at the gym lifting
Had to stay down, nigga, shut up and listen
Niggas be real, you dumb as fuck, nigga you know I ain't goin'
Glock with a switch so you know I'm blowin'
Cutta on me like the grass that we mowin'
That bitch fine, but I know that she ho'in'
You a bitch nigga, pay that money you owin'
Niggas be hoes, man, I'm already knowin'
Need some more drink, but I don't feel like pourin'
Yeah, yeah, write this shit down, man I think I'm a poet
That boy a bitch, man, you already know it
Hole in his car, now they gotta tow it
Niggas be lame, they ain't havin' no motion
Glock 23, man, that bitch fucking potent
That bitch bad, but I told her I'm jokin'
And that hole in his head the size of token
Jace told, Xhulooo got rolled, pull on yo block and I got a pole
30 round drum, so you know I won't go
Rap nigga, I don't fuck with J Cole
Hop out the cut, nigga, like a Mole
40 on me, now his face got a hole
In the trap whippin' up bowls
All my niggas getting chose

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