Wild Wes – Cappin’
Genre Rap



Man, I know you cappin'
You stay sleeping on me, stop nappin'
Me and Mane making bangers, this is our first
I can take the heat, do your worst!
Yuh! Got me a Rari and I'm speeding
I threw away the racks that I won't be needing
You cappin'. You ain't trustworthy
I'm a freaking boss, you looking nerdy
How about I hand the mic over to OldMane
I should prolly tell yall, he ain't playing games
If rap was Football, I'd be Lamar
Imma hit you so hard i'll leave a scar


Man, I know you cappin'
Bro, you so annoying quit yappin'
Got no respect for a loser like you
Got no respect for a punk like you

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