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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

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June 2, 2023

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Now That It's Dark lyrics

Step out the light
Here we welcome night
Take hold the patterns that give shape to our lives
Stable and wise, but I’ve other sides
I’ve danced with fire often enough
I’ve given all entirely

Then it’s time for a drive
Speed high and through time
First back down Dalton with my bonny beside
Patient and kind, in perfect design
Draw circles on the doors and walls
Burn everything from both ends

I stop and wait
For favorable alignment
The call to your heart is cold and bereft
Total and dark
Basking and blessed
We ride with the best

Now we’re aligned
Assemble cast, the silver shines
I see the board
I’m in the west with open eyes
The moon shows a road sloped
A place mysterious and wild

Let’s watch this night become a pageant of circumstance
I tasted god but for a flash - and then it melted away
I took her hand and we prepared for the passing through
I looked the angel in it’s eyes, it called me by name

I hold the shadow and I laugh at the consequence
I’m in the same place as before
It’s happening again
Notice the numbers, they’re the same coming back to you
Step out the light
Here we welcome night

One total soul and total mind
I’m crossing over
Eternal patterns and designs
Romantic code
I hold hope
I can change my place in time
And open up to all desire

The night is dark now
Hold onto me again
And let intention be divine
Reveal the mystery untied
I see it’s dark out
This night will never end
(I’ll become the moment undefined and untamed
Taking in the mountain I stop)

Now that it’s dark out
Come and take my other hand
And in the calmness of the crisis
I collapse and understand
The night is dark now
This night will never end

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – Now That It's Dark

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