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Mystery I’m Tied To You lyrics

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June 2, 2023

Mystery I’m Tied To You lyrics

I’ll travel every road and back
There’s still so much I’ve to see
I’m living life fast and boundless in desire
I will make this moment last
Bless my heart, I play with fire

The shadow asks me for my hand
I look at my love and laugh
I’m way beyond that
There’s nothing I would spare
Forward up the hill I climb
Only with my love I share

I let the roaring of the rain relax my mind
Just knowing in the morning I’ll be by her side
I am the rider
I’ll be with you and soon
Libra my ascendant sign
Pisces sun and Taurus moon

Black cat, silver mare
Silence in the night
The moon, the mountain
The byway and its bends
The romance of the riverbank
Mystery I’m here again
I made a promise and with passionate demand
With total heart and total head I do command
Life eternal
Love obvious and true
Every morning when I wake
Mystery, I’m tied to you
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